[West United Free Church Literary Society Magazine]


This society was most likely based at the Selkirk West United Free Church in the Scottish Borders. The information that we currently have on its magazine comes solely from an article published in the early twentieth century in a local newspaper, The Border Advertiser.

According to the article, on 6 March 1905, the society met in the church hall to hear the magazine’s editor, Mr W. F. Robertson, read aloud six contributions to the society’s magazine. These included: ‘An Anomaly’; ‘The Power of Music’; ‘Britain’s Industrial [illegible]’; ‘Suggestions’; ‘My Window “Serial” Chap. iii’; and ‘The Ascent’ of Man’ (‘West UF. Church Literary Society’, The Border Advertiser, 07 March 1905, p. 3).

There were apparently not many present at this particular meeting, but nonetheless, ‘[t]he articles were well received by a small but appreciative audience’.

Further research in the local newspapers and archives may well bring further information on the group and its magazine to light.

Name of Club, Society or Group That Produced the Magazine

West United Free Church Literary Society

Date of Existence


Date of Magazine

06 March 1905 (contributions to the magazine were read aloud at the society’s ‘magazine night’)

Number of Issues

(at least) 1 (not extant)

Manuscript/Published Magazine


Contents and Contributions

Articles (non-fiction); Serial article/story


Library Headquarters, Selkirk