Hawick Literary Society MS Magazine


There are few details currently known about this society and its magazine. According to an obituary notice for Frank Hogg in The Hawick Express, it may have been the Hawick Literary Society that was referred to as the ‘young men’s literary society’ that is given as one of the ways that Hogg — a known member — helped to encourage a ‘taste’ for literature. This article states that he ‘had the credit of helping to inaugurate the first course of lectures [for the young men’s literary society] in the Exchange Hall’ (‘The Late Mr Frank Hogg’, The Hawick Express, 21 February 1880, p. 3).

The evidence for the production of a society magazine for this group comes from an article on Hogg in Hawick Songs and Song Writers (1881). According to the article, the song, ‘I like Auld Hawick’ was written anonymously for the Hawick Literary Society MS. Magazine in 1867. Hogg sang it himself at a dinner in 1879, revealing himself as its author.

Name of Club, Society or Group That Produced the Magazine

Hawick Literary Society

Date of Existence


Date of Magazine


Number of Issues

(at least) 1 (not extant)

Manuscript/Published Magazine


Contents and Contributions

Song (original); (other contents currently unknown)


Hawick Library (The Hawick Express and Hawick Songs and Song Writers)


Local History, LR828 MUR (Hawick Songs and Song Writers, 2nd edn, 1889; 3rd edn, 1897)